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The future of HCO 
contracting and payment starts here

Breaking down the conventional complexities that span across multiple systems into
a single place

Our HCO module enables quick and easy contracting and payment across multiple stakeholders for engagements with HCOs
HCO Engagement-PAYCE

Made specifically for managing engagements with HCOs

PAYCE is a familiar, highly intuitive and governed platform
made specifically for managing engagements with HCOs
We created this so that you can rest assured
Quickly access to all engagements across your organisation
Confident that the right processes are followed
Correct documentation always issued

Our intelligent prompts notify you
of upcoming breaches to policy 

so that you can simply manage the complexities
Here's how it works
Simple integration into your CRM and ERP systems
Flexible contracting with institutions
Access all events and view documentation, status and details at any time
Saving you time and money - reducing the administrative burden and manual processing
Provide disclosure extracts that meet your requirements
Our interactive dashboards allow you to zoom in from an overview to the detail of all transactions, usage, whilst flagging risks of upcoming and potential breaches

Find the solutions for you

Maximise your team's potential with
our full suite of powerful tools

This purpose-built and highly intuitive end-to-end process simplifies contracting and payment
Our HCO module enables quick and easy contracting and payment across multiple stakeholders for engagements with HCOs
Grants and
Removing obstacles so that funding can get to
where it’s needed quickly, without compromising
on compliance
Members of the public and patient organisations
Effortlessly comply with your company’s SOPs and code requirements with our highly intuitive and governed module
Using a single login across different companies, HCPs can gain confidence and understanding of your pre-disclosure information, putting them in control of their data prior to public disclosure 
Slide deck collection
and approval
HCPs access your pre-approved slides and upload their slide decks, which we route directly to your medical approval system and process. 
Payment solutions
for HCP and HCO engagements
Integrate into our specialist outsourced payment solution designed specifically for HCP and HCO engagements
Validation of HCP speaker lists
Our expert team sits alongside you to ensure that every HCP on your approved speaker list meets your requirements through our rigorous checks and validations